Feature 1 Manufacturer Award of the Year for 2014
Feature 2 Best Innovation Award at the 2009 BIA Melbourne Boat Show
Feature 3 "Super High Holding Power Anchor" See Anchor Testing
Feature 4 SARCA Certification for product safety and standard
Feature 4 Made in Australia and patented for worldwide distribution

Kevin Kemp – Wildcat Fishing Charters – AUSTRALIA

“I currently run a charter operation in South East QLD and a great deal of our work requires us to anchor up in all types of bottoms and all different depths of water.

I was introduced to the SARCA anchor by a fellow charter operator from Victoria and he swore by it. I was a little bit skeptical at first until I tried it myself.

The advantages I have gained since using the SARCA anchor are as follows:
1. I can use one anchor now in all situations instead of 3 different anchors.
2. It is less than half the weight of the plough and the sand anchor (36lb) and appears to hold my boat better than the heavier anchors.
3. I am able to use the same anchor to hold my boat on reef and have found I’ve been able to cut the length of chain between the rope and the anchor to 4 metres instead of the 8 metres I was using.
4. The anchor is holding reef in depth of 80 metres during winds of up to 25 knots with a 3/1 rope and yet releases every time without a hassle.”

Kevin Kemp

Wildcat Fishing Charters
QLD 4208
+61 3 6391 1156

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