Feature 1 Manufacturer Award of the Year for 2014
Feature 2 Best Innovation Award at the 2009 BIA Melbourne Boat Show
Feature 3 "Super High Holding Power Anchor" See Anchor Testing
Feature 4 SARCA Certification for product safety and standard
Feature 4 Made in Australia and patented for worldwide distribution

Spring-loaded Bollards


Releasing and retrieving the anchor has never been so easy with Spring-loaded Bollards. Simply push the bollard against its spring pressure lift and release the chain to deploy the anchor. Retrieving is the reverse.


Product Specifications

Please note that this chart is a guide only.We recommand that you evaluate the variables listed below and choose the most suitable products for your vessel.

Product Code:SLB1-3
Anchor Suitability:1,2,3
Length (mm)250 mm
Mounting Length (mm)40 mm
Width (mm):68 mm
Height (mm):165 mm
Weight (kg):1.5 kg
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Features of the Bollards

  • Can increase your anchor's holding power by up to 15% as it cushions the impact to not only your anchor, but the boat as well
  • Powerful spring pressure from the bollard keeps the anchor under tension when housed in the bowsprit; this means the anchor will not wobble or bounce around when motoring in choppy conditions
  • Keeping your anchor permanently housed in the bowsprit allows more room in your anchor well for your rope and chain
  • If you need to deploy your anchor in an emergency situation, with the spring-loaded bollard it's already in the bowsprit
  • Has a front roller that allows you to take the anchor rope through the hatch to be comfortably retrieved from inside the boat
  • Can be mounted either inside or outside your boat, depending on the boat's design
  • Takes only minutes to remove for easy cleaning
  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel including the spring

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  • Bollards top view Bollards top view
  • Bollards side view Bollards side view

Downloads for the Bollards

Bollards in use

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  • Bollards on boat Bollards on boat
  • Bollards in use Bollards in use
  • Bollards in use Bollards in use
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