Feature 1 Manufacturer Award of the Year for 2014
Feature 2 Best Innovation Award at the 2009 BIA Melbourne Boat Show
Feature 3 "Super High Holding Power Anchor" See Anchor Testing
Feature 4 SARCA Certification for product safety and standard
Feature 4 Made in Australia and patented for worldwide distribution

Why Anchor Right Australia is set apart from the rest

This is a Company that have now been around for near on twenty years, they invent, design their own new environmentally friendly innovative boat anchors, trust is how most boaters of all descriptions will sum up Anchor Right Australia, they cater for large vessels under survey, yachts-mono hull, multi hull and trailer boats. All manufacturing is carried out here in Australia using the best Australian steels, bisaloy, high strength marine grade alloys and mild steel.

Just one example of what sets Anchor Right apart from the rest. The biggest break through one could have hoped for was when they invented, designed the incredible T.A.T.S. Rig (Tidal Anchor Test Skid). A must read if you are into accurate anchor testing, T.A.T.S. is now recognized and accepted as a new standard by the N.M.S.C.( National Marine Safety Committee) for testing anchors in Australia.

Another example, Anchor Right have flexibility in their designs to suit all boats, all users, two very different styles of anchors, even an Alloy Excel version with a removable shank, Super Sarca and Sarca Excel, both designs are certified with Super High Holding Power certification, further this certification is unique as this is the first time anchors have received this certification over a wide range of varying sea floor types, more importantly, all testing for S/H/H/Power, field, and proof testing was done independently by an anchor testing
company Robertson test certification, see proof testing methods, this company was Authorized by the N.M.S.C. Anchor Rights anchors can be supplied in galvanized or stainless steel, alloy an exception only in Excel.

Rex Francis explaining about Anchor Right SARCA Anchors

The Super Sarca, this anchor created a revolution in anchor technology when released some twenty years ago, it was the world’s first multipurpose boat anchor design, Sarca anchors were quickly adopted in Australia and New Zealand by commercial trawlers, Police ,Fisheries, Coast Guard, Patrol boats and the like, they have built a reputation that is second to none, saved lives in the unforgettable Tsunami that hit Phuket, well documented evidence that three boats fitted with the Sarca anchors all survived, whilst others, with conventional designs were smashed against the rocks. Sarca has gained a trusted reputation, not just from yachters but throughout the marine industry.

More recently, Anchor Right released its new Sarca Excel anchor, please note: Excel is not a plough anchor design, because of Anchor Rights well-deserved trusted reputation, the yachters didn’t take much convincing that this anchor was yet again something different from the rest, after 4 years on the market, word of mouth sky rocketed the Excels popularity, a great looking more of a generic style anchor with holding power that has to be experienced to be believed, proven now to perform over a wide range of varying sea floors, no scoop full of mud, no hoop makes it easy to fit all mono and multi hull bow roller arrangements is making the Excel yet another winner, both of Anchor Rights designs are of convex design, this means excel does not plough, is easy on the environment, plus you leave the mud behind, best way to view the history of Sarca and comparisons in the world of new anchor technology, go to their video segment.

They have a range of innovative unique super duty bow rollers that self-launch and realign your anchor on retrieval, available in 316 stainless and tough marine grade alloys. A must see is our P.R.T. (Portable Rescue Tree) a 4×4 ground anchor, they originally invented this some seventeen years ago as an extended foldable version of their Super Sarca for the search and rescue police, SES, and the like to recover their four wheel drives from a bogged situation with a minimum of fuss. Be warned, there are now many cheap copies that are extremely dangerous.

Rex first launched his original Sarca design in 1996, by the turn of the 21’st century the Sarca anchor had built such a reputation for its unique ability and exceptional holding power, over seemingly regardless of the sea floor substrate types, other anchor manufacturers were now being forced to rethink their anchor technology, further, Rex has gone on to win innovation awards and his input is valued throughout the marine industry.

Keeping ahead of the competition is an ongoing Research and Development program, more performance in any field comes from better and more accurate methods of testing, during the development of the Excel anchor they revisited the performance of the Sarca anchor, with the aid of TATS they were able to gain an incredible 3o% increase in holding power from Sarca, So they decided to rename Sarca, as Super Sarca. Rex says there will never be the perfect anchor, but we have a range of anchors good as, if not better than the world has to offer.

Anchor Right is the sole Australian distributor and manufacturer of SARCA products. For sales enquiries, please email [email protected] or phone +61 3 5968 5014.

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