Feature 1 Manufacturer Award of the Year for 2014
Feature 2 Best Innovation Award at the 2009 BIA Melbourne Boat Show
Feature 3 "Super High Holding Power Anchor" See Anchor Testing
Feature 4 SARCA Certification for product safety and standard
Feature 4 Made in Australia and patented for worldwide distribution

Mark Lewis – Boronia Marine – AUSTRALIA

My name is Mark Lewis and Boronia Marine has employed me fur the last 15 years as the Retail Shop Manager.

In that time I have seen it lot of new products come and go, some good and some not so good. One of the best products I have seen and extensively used myself in that time is the SARCA anchor. While other manufacturers of anchors make certain claims that may or may not be true, SARCA tells it how it is “IT WORKS” and works well.

I have fished in many places, and under various conditions, some that would have seen many a boat drifting dangerously towards rocks and reef, but the SARCA has always held tight in those times.

With every SARCA sold I have comfort in knowing that not only is the product made in Australia but my customers will have an enjoyable day boating and not have to keep re-anchoring or if they do happen to anchor in a rocky area the anti-snag design win see them retrieve their anchor effortless.

I would certainly recommend the SARCA to any boating person.


Mark Lewis
Retail Sales Manager
Boronia Marine Group of Companies

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