Feature 1 Manufacturer Award of the Year for 2014
Feature 2 Best Innovation Award at the 2009 BIA Melbourne Boat Show
Feature 3 "Super High Holding Power Anchor" See Anchor Testing
Feature 4 SARCA Certification for product safety and standard
Feature 4 Made in Australia and patented for worldwide distribution

Land Anchor PRT

The P.R.T. (Portable Rescue Tree) is an invention
designed and patented by Rex Francis

P.R.T. Portable rescue tree land anchor is top gear when you have a winch but no means of an anchor point when having to winch your self from a bog situation, the PRT is an Australian land anchor design patented and invented by Rex Francis whilst developing the incredible Sarca boat anchor, How effective is the PRT? See the very popular TV show Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson is driving a vehicle to a destination that no vehicle has been before, only made possible with the aid of our PRT Land anchor, now that's what we at Anchor Right Australia call top gear.

Land Anchor PRT

Product Specifications

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Length (mm)610 mm
Height (mm)340 mm
Width (mm):90 mm
Weight (kg):15 kg
Maximum Load(lb):12,000 lb strain tested
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A land anchor that's extremely compact and easy to use with a power winch or tirfor. The Portable Rescue Tree (PRT) was strain tested by NATA and withstood an incredible 12,000lb load! When folded, the P.R.T is approximately the size of a briefcase, and its comfortable handle makes it just as easy to carry.

Features of the Land Anchor PRT

  • Compact – when folded the PRT is approx. the size of a briefcase and, at just 15kg, can be carried over a long distance with ease
  • Digs itself in as more pressure is applied so it can be a one man operation; fast anchoring in sand, mud, soil and hard soils to gravel
  • No more slings, snatcham straps, star pickets or burying your spare wheel to un-bog your vehicle – the PRT can be used for straining fences, un-bogging tractors, trucks motor homes and 4WD's
  • Tested and used by State Emergency Services (SES Victoria), and Search and Rescue Police Defence Driver Training
  • Ready to operate within 30 seconds
  • Offers the widest fluke area of any land anchor in the marketplace, giving it exceptional holding power
  • Can be used with manual winches, block tackle and tirfors, for any type of winch system for any type of job

As the P.R.T. popularity has grown, unfortunately so has cheap copies, the down side to copies are as follows:

  • No warranty
  • Cast sections that can and do easily break
  • Faulty welding
  • No chance of replacing a damaged or broken part

Downloads for the Land Anchor PRT

(click image to enlarge)

  • Land Anchor PRT closed with dimensions Land Anchor PRT closed with dimensions
  • Land Anchor PRT open with dimensions Land Anchor PRT open with dimensions

In 3 easy steps, the Land Anchor PRT can be opened and ready for use within 30 seconds

Step 1 ...

Land Anchor PRT setup step 1

  • A - Remove pin from the handle.
  • B - Loosen fluke nut.
  • C - Remove Bow Shackle.
  • D - Lift and withdraw handle from unit.

Step 2 ...

Land Anchor PRT setup step 2

  • A - Open wings into operating position. (Keep Feet Clear).
  • B - Slide shank forward into operating position
  • C - Remove Bow Shackle.
  • D - Attach winch hook to bow shackle (From step 1C).

Step 3 ...

Land Anchor PRT setup step 3

  • A - Fit the handle to the position provided (Relocate pin from into handle).
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