Feature 1 Manufacturer Award of the Year for 2014
Feature 2 Best Innovation Award at the 2009 BIA Melbourne Boat Show
Feature 3 "Super High Holding Power Anchor" See Anchor Testing
Feature 4 SARCA Certification for product safety and standard
Feature 4 Made in Australia and patented for worldwide distribution


View our documentary video about the revolutionary SARCA anchor, explaining how SARCA beats the competition and the design that makes SARCA work in mud, sand, gravel and rock conditions.

The History of SARCA

Presenting Super SARCA

Super SARCA to The Test

Presenting SARCA Excel

SARCA Excel to The Test

Next Generation Anchor Environment Destruction

The Snatch Test

The P.R.T. (Portable Rescue Tree) is an invention designed and patented by Rex Francis

This video demonstrates the basics of boat anchoring.

Anchor Right at the
Sydney International Boat Show 2012

Currawong Granny Smith anchored with a 27lb Sarca Excel in a Storm at Trousers Bay, Furneaux Islands

Anchor Test Compilation. Video #56 of an ongoing anchoring series.

Testing of a Manson Supreme and Super Sarca Anchors using the “Rock Slot” chain attach point.

Anchor Test Compilation. Video #56 of an ongoing anchoring series.

Storm Hits Granny Smith in Trousers Bay, Furneaux Islands

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