The P.R.T. (Portable Rescue Tree) is an invention designed and patented by Rex Francis

Updated on: Feb 16 2012

The P.R.T. was initially designed for emergency services such as Police, SES and the like, therefor had to be made to a standard using correct steel grades;this helps prevent serious injury. Further, there are safety features built in The P.R.T. was NATA tested to destruction to establish a safe working load.


As the P.R.T. popularity has grown, unfortunately so has cheap copies, the down side to copies are as follows:

  • No warranty
  • Cast sections that can and do easily break
  • Faulty welding
  • No chance of replacing a damaged or broken part

Injury from a faulty unit is forever present, sure they will tell you they are tested, rated, but try getting a test cert copy. They don’t exist.

To identify a genuine unit look for the safe working load and Patent Number hard stamped into the pulling shank. Patent Number 681100.

Last but not least you are supporting Australian jobs.

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