Before you purchase your new cat, do yourself a favor and check out the Australian made Argus range

Updated on: Aug 30 2011


Gary Pacey is the man behind the Argus build, with many years of sailing- chandlery needs and general boating experience, when Gary took on the Argus he was determined to eliminate or redesign to overcome past annoying experiences from poor design in general on many craft, Gary’s Argus offers more than just value for money. Go to and check them out.

One of the frustrations Gary was determined to eliminate was with anchor designs, poor housing arrangement’s, anchors that would not provide a reliable hold in multiple sea beds the list goes on, so when it came to the anchoring system on Argus he did his homework.


After much research Gary decided that the Anchor Right Australian product’s ticked all the boxes, Australian made boats fitting Australian made products.

End result, neat, easy to deploy and retrieve, environmentally friendly, Super high holding power certified anchors delivering super performance and supporting a fellow Australian company.

Australian product needs Australian support, so If you are thinking new boat, or buying for the first time, check out Gary’s great Argus design.