Australian made Quality anchors make the grade

Updated on: Oct 20 2010


We at Anchor Right Australia are proud to announce we now have Super High Holding Power Certification on our complete range of anchors both Super Sarca and Sarca Excel. This is significant in a number of ways for Anchor Right; it is a first for Australia, it opens many doors, for a company that invents and designs new anchor technology, to have both exclusive designs certified with S/H/H/Power certification we believe is unique.

Horst Fischer builds these large catamarans and has been using Sarca anchors for many years, our approval for Super High Power means that Horst can now use lighter Sarca anchors than previous, (see the two Large 145 KG anchors on his latest project).

These large vessels are deployed as work and support boats for many offshore operations such as exploration, oil rig maintenance, laying of gas pipe lines the list goes on, it is imperative their ground tackle is reliable.

The Sarca anchors have been circulating throughout the Marine industry for over 16 years and has become a household name, they are readily seen on Police boats, Coast Guard and fisheries, many yachters trawlers and work boats of all description now use Sarca anchors, not just here in Australia but are popping in many countries. We have inspired other anchor manufacturer’s world wide to lift their gain with new anchor technology making it a safer environment for all water borne craft. Rex Francis Managing director of Anchor Right Australia says thanks to all of our wonderful customers for their support, it is you that have helped Anchor Right to produce Australian anchor designs that are as good as if not better than anchors produced world wide.