Australian companies working together

Posted on: Oct 06 2017
Anchor Right Australia would like to thank the Tasmanian Water Police for making selection of our Excel anchor for their recent new Police vessel. Fine Entry Marine in Geraldton WA built this boat, they contacted us early in the build of this new Police vessel...

Excel – Arguably the Best anchor on the table

Posted on: Mar 24 2016
Recent testing of the new generation anchors in the U.S. has proved once again that when choosing a boat- anchor, you cannot go past Anchor Right Australia’s ground tackle, Sarca Excel “Arguably the best anchor on the table” quoted by Steve from “S.V....

Anchor Right Australia introduces, the innovative Flip Link

Posted on: Nov 12 2015
When your anchor presents itself onto your bow roller upside down it can be a real problem, they can damage your boats structure and also jam in this position, the bigger picture, even more problematic, is if this happens when being retrieved through an underdeck...

Sarca Anchors – Hard to beat

Posted on: Aug 15 2015
Impressive to see the classic Sarca on recently built work boats in New Zealand, even more impressive is, even though the Sarca was released years before the new Generation anchor slogan, Sarca is still recognized for many as one of the first new generation anchors,...

Anchor Right Yet again achieving the seemingly impossible.

Posted on: Nov 11 2013
Texas T, This large boat has a history of dragging its ground tackle (anchors) recently after being taken over by a skipper from Queensland he turned to Anchor Right to try and solve this problem. See testimonial. I first took over the Captaincy of “TEXAS T...

No anchoring task too big for Anchor Right

Posted on: Oct 18 2011
Roy Whitewood has been building these stand out boat designs in Queensland Australia since 1999, growing demand for his unique designs in the commercial industry and pleasure industry prompted Roy to move from his previous address to a larger and more state of...

The Wateries chose Australian made anchors

Posted on: Apr 28 2010
The wateries is an Australian production due to air on TV in the not to distant future, after much research they chose to fit Anchor Right Australia’s anchors Super Sarca and Sarca Excel to their Police boats. To view more please go to their web site

Quo Vadis Sits Out Force 10 on Anchor Right

Posted on: Sep 21 2009
The following state of events that was recorded by Peter Hutchinson, skipper of Quo Vadis drives home the need for good reliable ground tackle, equally as important when purchasing an anchor make sure that it is of an a approved and tested design. The Anchor Right...