Anchor Right staying focused in tough economic times

Updated on: Oct 22 2012

There is a world of new anchor technology streaming onto the market, some of this technology has created much controversy over the past three years by competitors not producing what they proclaim. Anchor Right has stayed focused on producing anchors that have been proven to be as good as if not better than the world has to offer, this is why we at Anchor Right believe even through these tough economic times our business just continues to grow.

This is our latest just released Sarca Excel anchor meeting the needs of commercial customers, this anchor is being put through incredible strain to comply with Super High Holding Power Certification, most all of these proof testing procedures are witnessed by Marine authorities, this assures you the customers are getting what you pay for, this new Excel is 136 K.G. and required a proof test of seven and a half ton, we had the Authorities’ further load this anchor to 17 ton, end result, even at this incredible strain there was no permanent set of damage to the anchor.

Photo two shows a new model commercial Super Sarca getting the same treatment and will be released shortly.