Anchor Right Australia’s anchor technology is up with the world’s best, if not better

Updated on: Dec 10 2010

Congratulations to Andrew Prentice as he has taken delivery of his new Outer Reef yacht (AROONA).

Andrew ordered his new Excel 88 K.G. anchors in Nov 2009 whilst he was awaiting fit out of his new charter boat. It’s pleasing to see them reach their final destination.

The Excel anchor is another extremely innovative design from Anchor Right Australia to meet the needs of modern boats such as Andrew’s, seeking Super High Holding Power rated anchors.

AROONA is deployed as a luxury charter Yacht that is truly a magnificent looking vessel further enhanced with the astounding aesthetics of the two large Excel’s. The Excel anchor is also a multipurpose design to hold in many types of sea beds.

aruna-1 aruna-2 aruna-3