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Review by Michael Bok - Tasmanian Fishing Boating News

"Anchoring is something that we tend to take for granted. You throw your anchor overboard and hope it will grab. There is a lot more to anchoring than that - with choice of anchor being the first and foremost.

Previously you have had the choice of several anchors, each which were designed with a primary purpose in mind. You had the "Danford" - primarily used in sand; the "Pick" - primarily used in rock or reef; the "Plow" - gives better grip than the Danford and is resistant to breaking loose when the boat swings.

You can now replace these three anchors on your boat with a great new Australian anchor, the SARCA. The Sand and Reef Combination Anchor is designed to cover all the above areas and help with correct and easy anchoring.

When I first received the SARCA anchor I was somewhat dubious because it was a bit smaller and lighter than what I had been using, a Danford.

On my first trip out with this anchor, I made a point of anchoring where previously I had troubles. This time the anchor held, and stayed there for the duration of our fishing."

Review by Michael Bok

Tasmanian Fishing Boating News - Feb - March '99